Christoph Irmscher

Christoph Irmscher

Provost Professor, English

George F. Getz Jr. Professor, Wells Scholars Program

Director, Wells Scholars Program


  • Ph.D. habil., University of Bonn, 1997
  • Ph.D., University of Bonn, 1991
  • M.A., University of Bonn, 1988

Journal Articles and Other Publications

Selected Articles:

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(with Charles H. Adams), “A New Translation of Die Regulatoren in Arkansas.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly 73.1 (Spring 2014): 56-68.

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“Longfellow Redux,” Raritan 21.3 (Winter 2002): 100-129.

“Nature Laughs at Our Systems: Philip Henry Gosse’s The Canadian Naturalist,” Canadian Literature 170/171 (Autumn/Winter 2001): 58-86.
“Audubon and the Veiled Lady,” The American Scholar 68.3 (Summer 1999): 65-76.

Selected Honors and Awards:
  • Election to the Austrian Academy of Sciences, 2014.
  • NEH Grant for Summer Institute on John James Audubon, 2009 and 2011
  • James P. Holland Award for Exemplary Teaching and Service to Students, College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University, 2010.
  • Trustees Teaching Award, Indiana University, 2009
  • Rare Books and Manuscripts (RBMS) Award for best electronic exhibition, Association of College and Research Libraries, American Library Association, 2009
  • Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2007 (for Longfellow Redux)
  • Friends of the Longfellow House, 2006
  • NEH Faculty Fellowship, 2005-2006
  • Rodney G. Dennis Fellow in the Study of Manuscripts, Houghton Library, Harvard University, 2004
  • Research Fellowship, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2003
  • NEH Summer Stipend, 2002
  • American Studies Network Prize 2000
  • CUE Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Harvard University, 2000
  • Literature and Language Award of the Association of American Publishers, 1999