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A good starting point for exploration is an appointment with Angela Lexmond, the Arts and Humanities career advisor. She provides individualized guidance in Ernie Pyle Hall, check-in at the desk on floor 2. Angela accepts appointments through the Walter Center for Career Achievement.

The English Major Guide, co-authored by the Walter Career Center and English department, contains valuable information about all aspects of your undergraduate experience, including how to launch your career and coordinate academic and lifestyle goals.

Discover events are exploratory. You can speak off the record with alumni and employers about potential career fields in a casual setting.

Connect events are more professional, catering to students who have decided on a direction and are ready to connect with alumni and employers about specific opportunities. These events are designed to help you achieve success in your internship and full-time job search.

If you want to be a speechwriter or work as a policy analyst or researcher, you might go into Government, International Affairs, and Public Policy.

If you want to work in marketing and design in a retail setting, corporate environment, theatre or dance company, manufacturing or wholesale establishment, or within a design firm, you should explore the Design, Retail, and Apparel community.

If you want to teach, serve the public interest, or be a part of an organization that focuses on advocacy, you might go into Education, Nonprofit, and Social Service.

If you are interested in writing about business strategy, management, and branding within an entrepreneurial or corporate environment, you should look into Finance, Consulting, Management, and Sales.

If you are skilled at conveying information through technical and scientific writing, you might go into Science and Research.

If you are someone who can translate, organize, interpret, and summarize numerical data to provide usable information to solve problems in the health sciences, economics, business, engineering, or market research, check out the Technology, Data, and Analytics community.

If you are interested in applying your skills to the fastest growing industry in the United States, focusing on the healing, diagnosis, and treatment of human physical and mental impairments, you can connect with the Healthcare and Wellness community.

If you are fascinated with film, media, athletics, and the many facets of the entertainment industry, you should explore Journalism, Sports, Entertainment, and Production.

If you interested in branding or being the external voice of a company, writing press releases or marketing plans, you should investigate the Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations community.

If you want to go into publishing, writing, and design, conveying information about creative expression and the performing arts, look into careers through the Visual, Written, and Performing Arts community.

The career community alerts system gives students the tools to fine-tune their career search to their areas of interest and their regional preferences. Students who enroll in the alerts system receive emails with job opportunities that match their preferences, as well as information about events and spotlights about what current students and alumni are doing.

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Skills you need for a variety of careers

IU English majors bring their analytic and rhetorical skills to many employment fields, including teaching, editing, writing, technical information, publishing, public relations, government, education policy, advertising, marketing, sales, management, administration, development, fundraising, content strategy, and communications.

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Every employer values exceptional communication skills. The English major develops these and many other key transferable skills that employers seek: information analysis, critical thinking and creative problem solving to name a few. Engage with the Walter Center early and often to explore career possibilities and move purposefully toward your future.

Angela Lexmond, Career Coach