Literature and Public Life (ASURE)

L240 — Spring 2022

Joan Pong Linton
Days and Times
10:20a - 11:10a MWF (3 CR)
Course Description

Topic: Countering Hate - Community-based Democracy in Action

The proliferation of disinformation and hate divides communities and threatens democratic institutions. We'll study how these are weaponized for profit and political gain against any group designated as “other,” from George Floyd to the victims of covid-19. We will consider the psycho-socio-political workings of hate, aim to counter its destructive influence and, through the analysis of literary works by Lynn Nottage, Leslie Marmon Silko and Shakespeare, imagine rewriting our collective future. Students will receive basic mediation training, collaborate with peers from a New York City-based college, engage in civil conversation, and work on a group project.