American Film Culture

L295 — Spring 2019

De Witt Douglas Kilgore
Days and Times
1:00 - 2:15p MW
Course Description

Topic: “Framing Infinity: Science Fiction Cinema in the 20th Century”


During the past century science fiction became a uniquely expressive genre of narrative cinema. At its best these films allow us to escape from ordinary life in ways that are both pleasurable and challenging. In this course we will define science fiction film as a genre, explore the story-telling potential of special effects, consider the role that music plays in defining exotic spacetimes, and investigate the impact of futurist or exotic design on narrative. Major narrative themes will be the city of the future; space travel, its machines and environments; time travel as a device for changing lives and history; and the role that Others play, whether they be aliens, robots, or artificial intelligences.