World Englishes

G208 — Fall 2019

Michael Adams
Days and Times
MWF 9:05a - 9:55a OR MWF 11:15a - 12:05 p (3 CR)
Course Description

There are as many Englishes spoken around the world as there are English-speaking cultures, and it belongs to no country – not even England. Speakers of formerly colo­nial English are reluctant to agree that there is one, he­gemonic, totalizing English, and that the imperial power owns and controls it — the Queen has her English, and they have theirs. The purpose of this course is to use various Englishes, their structures and histories, in order to explore English-speaking cultures around the world, not in iso­lation but in relation to one another. We will observe the ways in which local values, traditions, beliefs, and customs shape variet­ies of the “global” language. We will discuss English in its many varia­tions including Standard English, Postcolonial English, and 21st Century English and travel the world via the English language. There will be two short papers, a group presentation, and a midterm and final exam.

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