Studies in Popular Literature and Mass Media

L210 — Fall 2021

Walton Muyumba
Days and Times
1:10p - 2:25p MW
Course Description

Topic: Visual Narratives in the Age of Terrorism

Exploring different forms of visual narrative -- television, feature film, and political documentary -- we will interrogate the influence contemporary tv showrunners and filmmakers have on the way United States citizens narrate their experiences of terrorism, 21st century warfare, global warming, economic collapse, and political alienation. Can filmmakers help us understand the consequences of all this on our imaginations or do their narratives keep us from seeing our actions and ourselves clearly? In order to address this prompt, we will also study essays from film, television, and cultural critics who both help us engage with visual narrative intensely and practice criticism as a literary art form. Our discussions will spring from our watching and reading closely.


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