L305 — Fall 2018

Patricia Clare Ingham
Ballantine Hall 015
Days and Times
1:00P-2:15P TR
Course Description

Topic: "Loving Chaucer in the 21st Century"

The amazing Canterbury Tales has stood the test of time: it is one of those dynamic, energetic, gorgeous, inventive, not-to-be-missed greats of literary history! By turns, serious and bawdy, sacred and secular, magical and realistic, Geoffrey Chaucer's diverse collection of tales and motley crew of tellers still captures 21st century audiences who reread, rework, and reimagine these amazing stories in various ways. Engaged with specific tales taken from the Canterbury Tales collection, this class will also focus on the delights of what it means to love Chaucer in the 21st century. Did you know, for instance, about the Brazilian stage version of Chaucer's Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale? Or Patience Agabi's (recent poet-laureate of the city of Canterbury) Telling Tales, a collection of new poems inspired by Chaucer's Canterbury ones? How about Canadian rap artist Baba Brinkman's recorded 2006 rap version? You can follow Chaucer on Twitter (@levotreGC) just like author Margaret Atwood does -- though you'll need to learn to read a bit of Middle English if you want to get his jokes!

Whether you want to learn about the time-honored power of the original Canterbury poet, his many recent admirers and imitators, OR try your hand at working on your own original composition inspired by Geoffrey C., this class will help you see the various ways that powerful older literature makes new poems, texts, anthologies, dramas, films, or stories possible. As for assignments: you will get to learn how to read the Canterbury Tales in the original language, so a few reading and language quizzes are included along the way. Otherwise: one mid-term; a creative / critical translation of a favorite passage; a (volunteer) opportunity to recite the famous opening 18 lines of the CT General Prologue; and a final 'anthology project,' where you create a version of the Tales, selecting from your favorites. Not to be missed!

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