Introduction to Advanced Study of Literature

L260 — Fall 2019

Shane Vogel
Days and Times
MW 11:15a - 12:05p, F 10:10a - 11:00a OR 11:15a - 12:05p (3 CR)
Course Description

Topic: Nightlife

We will examine how writers, artists, and performers have imagined nightlife—its peo­ple and places, its sounds and sights, its ethics and values, its comforts and fears. What themes and issues become most clear in the darkness of nightfall? What activities and practices flourish while most people slumber? What are the genres, settings, and char­acters that make up the liter­ature of nightlife? What goes on afterhours, either in the sa­loons and nightclubs of the city or in the dreamscapes of our minds? In the stretch between sunset and sunrise, whole worlds come into being.

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