The Craft of Fiction

W381 — Fall 2019

Bob Bledsoe
Days and Times
4:00 - 5:15p TR (3 CR)
Course Description

W381 Pre Requisites: Eng-W 203 or ENG-W301 or ENG-W311

Our objectives in W381 are reading and writing literary fiction with a focus on aes­thetic quality. What are your literary tastes? Have you dis­covered or refined them? Can you articulate your methodol­ogy or your ideas? This course will rely on discussion—partic­ipation of all students—to test ideas and gain new perspec­tive. Literary standards require more than a gut feeling, and we will practice supporting our assessments with specific examples of a work’s excel­lence or inferiority. We will cover components of fiction—structure, characterization, plot, description, dialogue, point of view, voice, setting, and revision—by examining published works and writing assignments that focus your attention on elements of craft. What brings fiction to life? What makes characters compelling or memorable? How might you im­prove your fiction writing skills?

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