History of Rhetorical Theory I

R607 — Spring 2020

Justin Hodgson
Days and Times
5:45p - 8:15p T (4 CR.)
Course Description

The study of rhetoric dates back over 2500 years and has, traditionally speaking, been situated as the study of the available means of persuasion (thanks, Aristotle). But what remains at the core of the history of rhetoric is a fundamental (and ongoing) contestation of the meaning (and use) of rhetoric, the best practices for the doing of rhetoric, and the key approaches for the teaching of rhetoric. This course will explore these contestations, among others, from the pre-Socratics up to about 1500 AD (or until Peter Ramus infects the field) and attempt to situate their implications and considerations for contemporary culture. While we will focus on the Greco-Roman traditions of rhetoric, using primary and secondary texts, we will also branch into other cultural frames and counter-histories of rhetoric.

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