Teaching of Composition in College

W501 — Fall 2019

Scot Barnett
Days and Times
2:30p-3:45p T (1-3 CR.)
Course Description

This course has two main purposes:  1) to provide Associate Instructors teaching W131 for the first time with various strategies for connecting reading and writing, preparing assignments, and evaluating student writing; and 2) to engage new instructors in reflective practice through readings, speakers, and discussion of a variety of approaches and materials.

Requirements include regular attendance of proseminar and consultant meetings, observations of other W131 teachers, and a portfolio of teaching materials at the end of the semester.          

Texts:  A collection of materials will be made available.

This proseminar, required of all AIs teaching W131 at IU for the first time, is offered for three credits on a Satisfactory/Non-satisfactory basis. The three credits for the course may be applied toward the doctoral degree but not toward the M.A. or the core 46 course hours required for the Ph.D. Students who are not from the English Department should contact Professor Barnett before attempting to enroll.

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