Doug Paul Case
Publication Date


My debut collection of poems was published in March 2023 by Ghost City Press. I’m grateful for these early blurbs:

Americanitis thrives on the nervous energy of quick living, alternately witty, ironic, vulnerable, and self-deprecating. Half long jumper, half linguistic acrobat, Case keeps showing us how “even in disappointment we can be beautiful.”
Bruce Snider, author of Fruit

There’s something wrong in Doug Paul Case’s America, and these poems of wit, ribaldry, anguish, and hope seem to search for a cure. Pleasure is held up as sacred; the collection glistens with small treasures, like the stag pendant found in a heating vent in ‘Buck’. An impressive debut.
Ian Humphreys, author of Zebra

In a collection that giddily references Gus Kenworthy, Ace Perry, Brad Pitt, and their respective glorious physiques, it may come as a surprise that Americanitis is really about time. Or more accurately, a queer man’s questions about time. What is the difference between fantasy and the future? Between the past and nostalgia?
Chen Chen, author of Your Emergency Contact Has Experienced an Emergency