Sweet Love

Alyce Miller
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Sweet Love is a collection of twelve short stories by award winning author Alyce Miller, already a winner of the Ellen Gilchrist Prize for Excellence in Short Fiction, the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction, the Mary McCarthy Prize for Short Fiction, the Lawrence Prize from the Michigan Quarterly Review, and the Kenyon Review Award for Literary Excellence in Fiction. This is a writer at the peak of her literary talent. 

The new collection, Sweet love is a ride in a car with wild young women on the verge of adolescent anxiety, free and loose for the first time, and not sure how to deal with that freedom as they confront their anxieties in facing the unfairness of life. It's a missing college girl, and the misplaced guilt of one of the last people on earth to see her alive, it is the weighty truth of the secret of flight, prison love, sex trafficking in Bangkok, adoption, too many things for comfort, but you simply can't stand to look away.

Alyce Miller has the ability to take you by the hand and lead you like a voyeur to peek through life's windows and the cracks in it's doors and she does it in a language that flows to carry the narrative like a fast moving stream.