Joss Marsh

Joss Marsh

Associate Professor Emeritus, English


  • Ph.D., U. C. Santa Barbara, 1989
  • M.Phil., English Literature, 1789-1880, University of Oxford, 1982

Journal Articles and Other Publications

Special Issues of Journals:

Inside the Film Archive: Practice, Theory, Canon. Special issue of Stanford Humanities Review (7: 2, 1999).


“Dickens and Film,” in The Cambridge Companion to Dickens, ed. John Jordan (Cambridge UP, 2000).

“Spectacle,” for A Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture, ed. Herbert F. Tucker, Blackwell (Oxford: Blackwell, 1999) 276-288.

“In a Glass Darkly: Photography, the Pre-Modern, and Victorian Horror,” in Prehistories of the Future, eds. Elazar Barkan and Ron Bush, 1995 ( Stanford University Press) 159-71.

“Imagining Victorian London: An Entertainment and Itinerary (Chas. Dickens, Guide),” illustrated article in Stanford Humanities Review, 3: 1, Winter 1993, 67-97. Also presented in Web form by Stanford University and the Dickens Project.

“Dickensian Double Vision: Filming Little Dorrit,” illustrated extended article in Dickens Studies Annual, 22, 1993, 239-282.

“Good Mrs. Brown’s Connections: Sexuality and Story-telling in Dealings with the Firm of Dombey and Son,” English Literary History, 58: 2, Summer 1991, 405-426.

Media Publications:

Doorway to Dickens, consultant/interviewer, (EDUCATIONAL VIDEO, CO-PRODUCTION OF BBC EDUCATION and the Dickens Project, 1995).

Aspects of Jane Eyre, consultant/interviewer (EDUCATIONAL VIDEO, co-production of BBC Education and the Dickens Project, 1997).

Forging the World of Great Expectations, consultant/interviewer (BBC/BBC Education DOCUMENTARY, 1999).

David Copperfield: Dickens’s Favorite Child, writer/interviewer/presenter (BBC/BBC EDUCATION, 2000).

Selected Honors and Awards:

  • IU Summer Fellowship, 2000
  • A.C.L.S. Fellowship, 1994-95
  • Stanford University Deans' fellowships, 1994-95
  • Stanford University Associated Students' Teaching Award, 1998