Seminar: British and American Authors

L450 — Spring 2020

Rebekah Sheldon
Days and Times
9:30-10:45 MW
Course Description

TOPIC: “Magic and the Occult”

This seminar will study a range of 20th century and contemporary cultural practices that represent, explain, explore, or practice aesthetics as magic. We will ask about the meanings of magic in genres like children's fiction, fantasy fiction, the New Weird, Afro and Indigenous futurism, occult detective fiction, queer experimental cinema, and apocalyptic neofolk music. We will read into the history of Western and non-Western esotericism as it relates to our principal texts and we will consider popular practices like Hex the Patriarchy, Black Girl Magic, and meme magic. In all, our goal will be to give an account of the relationships between magic, aesthetics, and social and cultural transformation.