Interdisciplinary Approach to English and American Literature

L373 — Spring 2020

Shannon Gayk
Days and Times
9:30-10:45 TR
Course Description

TOPIC: “On the Road: The Literature of Walking”

This course focuses on travel writing, surveying the literature prompted by journeys on foot, from writing by medieval pilgrims and romantic wanderers to that of trekkers, adventurers, and explorers today. We will discuss the hows and the whys of travel writing and other literary engagements with space and place by reading about, discussing, and writing about the experiences of walkers and by doing some literary walks of our own. Course texts will focus on poetry and nonfiction prose, including essays by Rousseau, Baudelaire, and Thoreau, poetry by Chaucer, Wordsworth, and many others, and travel tales by pilgrims, wanderers, migrants, and explorers. Course requirements include engaged participation, two essays, a walking journal, and several short assignments.