R224 — Fall 2018

Woodburn Hall 007
Days and Times
11:15A-12:05P MWF
Course Description

Topic: “Podcast Production: Storytelling with Sound"

This course introduces students to the art of telling persuasive stories with podcasts. Students will develop the speaking, listening, interviewing, and communication skills necessary for motivating publics to action with recorded sound. During the first half of the semester, students will analyze the persuasive strategies and motivational appeals of a variety of podcasts, including RadioLab, This American Life, Serial, S-Town, and others. Students also will complete several small hands-on assignments that develop proficiency in interviewing techniques, public speaking, writing for audio, and sound editing. During the second half of the semester, students will develop, compose, record, edit, and produce their own persuasive podcast episode. Grades will be based on the final podcast episode, small speaking and recording assignments, short written tasks, and homework. No previous experience is necessary to register for this class.

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