Introduction to Prose (Excluding Fiction)

L206 — Spring 2018

Ballantine Hall 247
Days and Times
10:10-11:00 MWF
Course Description

Topic: "Eat Your Words: Food and Writing", Food and writing have an intimate connection. Eating inspires words; so too does cooking. This class will introduce students to genres of prose by considering forms of food writing. Among these, we can count the food memoir, the workplace expose (accent), restaurant review, the eating diary, and the cooking blog. Our course will use food practices and food ways as anchors for reading different forms of prose nonfiction and for writing about these works. During the course, students will themselves experiment with different forms of writing as they think more closely about their own lives in a world of food. Be prepared to read and savor, to eat and write, and to participate and enjoy! Instructor: Lara Kriegle

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