Introduction to Drama

L203 — Spring 2018

Student Building 138
Days and Times
2:30-3:45 TR
Course Description

This is a course on theater thinking: it will introduce students to the unique questions, possibilities, and problems posed by telling stories in the world of live performance. We will organize our study of drama around four units that will introduce different ways to approach the scholarly study and appreciation of theater. In the first, we will take up the seeming oxymoron dramatic literature by considering the relationship between text and performance. The second unit is concerned with the methods and challenges of theatre history. In the third unit, we will examine different tradition of dramatic theory that offer explanations of how plays can work to evoke certain responses from its audience, from cathartic release to social transformation. We will conclude the course by considering the concept of performance in contexts beyond the bounds of traditional theatre, including ritual and anthropological performance, play, social performance, and performance art. Over the course of the spring we will closely read several plays; examine the features and characteristics that shape drama as a form of expression; attend at least one live theater event; consider the role of the spectator in performance; and take up the challenge of writing about live performance. Instructor: Shane Vogel

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