Advanced Expository Writing

W350 — Fall 2018

Justin Hodgson
Student Building 221
Days and Times
2:30P-3:45P TR
Course Description

Topic: “Writing for Digital Environments"

Given the degree to which the act of writing (and exposition more specifically) now operates across medial platforms and purposes, this course will take as its focus expository writing in (and for) digital environments. To this end, it will invite students not only to consider the critical dimensions of traditional, textual writing practices, but also to think about how exposition changes as it moves across different forms of mediation -- a change one can really only grasp by doing. As such, students in this course will produce a series of projects that allow them to engage in expository practices that bring together and/or move across alphabetic text, audio/visual modes, interactive (and/or playable) media, and other hybrid considerations.

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