Topics in Rhetoric and Public Culture

R209 — Fall 2019

Justin Hodgson
Days and Times
9:30a - 10:45a TR (3 CR)
Course Description

Topic: Digital Monumentality

Intensive Writing

Not only will we explore the rhetoric of memory, memori­als, and monuments, situating them as value formations for personal and cultural identity (and ideology), we will PRO­DUCE digital monuments; that is, we will make creative and critical artifacts that engage in what Gregory L. Ulmer calls “electorate citizenship.” To this end, students will be exposed to different theoretical frames, develop different technolog­ical skills, and engage dif­ferent rhetorical capacities in order to write about and produce digital monuments of personal significance. Course artifacts may include videos, films, interactive webtexts, augmented reality experienc­es, as well as printed artifacts.  Evaluation based on reading responses, written engagements, and the production of digital projects.

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