Medieval and Tudor Drama

L307 — Fall 2019

Shannon Gayk
Days and Times
4:00 - 5:15p TR (3 CR)
Course Description

Topic: Playing God: English Drama Before Shakespeare

From biblical cycles to alle­gorical morality plays, medi­eval theater offers a unique mix of the sacred and the profane, the high and the low, the bawdy and the profound.  Unlike the renaissance theater that followed it, medieval dra­ma was often the project of entire towns, performed in the streets rather than in theaters and acted by merchants, arti­sans, and laborers rather than professionals. We will read widely in early English drama, exploring the literary strate­gies used to move, teach, and make audiences laugh, discussing issues of performance and staging, and considering the larger social, economic, and religious contexts. We’ll also stage one of the plays! Course texts include an anthology of medi­eval drama, Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus, Unsworth’s 1995 medieval murder mystery, Morality Play, and Duffy’s 2017 adaptation of Everyman.

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