Tough Beat - Gambling and Ethical Choice

L208 — Fall 2019

Richard Nash
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*Online class*

We are going to consider the ethical good of gambling—the ways in which gambling teaches lessons of wise de­cision-making, deliberate choice, and most especially, respect for consequence and the acceptance (when neces­sary) of failure and loss. These are profoundly important doc­trines, too often overlooked in easy dismissive dramatiza­tions of gambling. Our course will consider a fairly wide range of forms of gambling in literature, film, television and popular culture, but we will restrict our primary focus to three forms in particular: pool, poker, and horse racing. Texts for the course are likely to in­clude: The Hustler, The Sting, Rounders, Let it Ride, in addi­tion to some short fiction and non-fiction. Evaluation will be based on exams, a final paper, and participation.