Seminar: British and American Authors

L450 — Fall 2019

Walton Muyumba
Days and Times
2:30 - 3:45p MW (3 CR)
Course Description

Topic: "Here Be Dragons": The Selected Works of James Baldwin

Reading across Baldwin’s fictions, essays, and mem­oirs, we’ll discuss his literary style and critical arguments, and their continued timeli­ness in 21st century life.  We will parse Baldwin’s memoirs, tracing his techniques for nar­rating self-becoming. We’ll also, study Baldwin’s rein­vention of the essay form as an improvisational space for demonstrating the contingent relationship among Ameri­can gender politics, Ameri­can citizenship, and African American identity.  Finally, we will examine Baldwin’s stron­gest novels and short stories, paying close attention to his artist-characters and how their performance practices (in jazz, as actors, or singing gospel music) offer models for revolutions of selfhood and creating radical democratic community.

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