Twentieth-Century British Fiction

L346 — Fall 2019

Ranu Samantrai
Days and Times
1:00 - 2:15p TR (3 CR)
Course Description

England entered the 20th century as the leader of the in­dustrial revolution and ruler of the largest modern empire. By the end of the century it had shrunk to a deindustrialized service state in a federation. England’s sense of itself was transformed during this peri­od, and each of our texts re­flects upon the changing state of the nation. We’ll survey the intellectual history of the period and connect aesthetic innovations -- including new realism, postmodernism, and postcolonialism -- to the era’s philosophi­cal and social developments. We’ll discuss the relationship between form and content -- the meeting point where authors struggle to say the un­sayable, to make room for untold stories, and to create narratives that comment upon the world-altering events of their remarkable times. Au­thors likely will include J.B. Priestley, Sam Selvon, Tom Stoppard, Caryl Churchill, Kazuo Ishiguro, Salman Rushdie, Pat Barker, David Mitchell, and Bernadine Evaristo. Students may expect to write two essays, take two exams, and present research in class.

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