Research in Literature and Critical Theory (Post-1800)

L764 — Spring 2020

Joshua Kates
Days and Times
5:45 - 8:15p W
Course Description

Department Authorization Required (Non-English Department students please contact the instructor first.)

TOPIC: Things and Objects

This course will investigate literary and other contemporary theory that focuses on things or objects. A number of relatively recent studies have claimed that such entities—rather than, for example, properties, states of affairs, or numbers—play a special role  in our life and our understanding. The course investigates objects’ status beginning from literary criticism, first inquiring into Bill Brown’s turn to things and then in some of his avowed predecessors and successors. Next we take up so-called object-oriented ontology and spend some time with works by its leading philosophical proponent, Graham Harman, as well as those who have pursued this path and/or criticized it. Finally, scheduling permitting, and if interest beckons, we will conclude by looking at the early sections of Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time, from which Harman himself initially drew his inspiration. 

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