Topics in Current Literature

W664 — Fall 2020

Adrian Matejka
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11:15a - 2:15p R (4 CR)
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TOPICSome Different Kinds of Things

We going to have some different kinds of things in there.

                        —Richard Pryor 


One of the many hallmarks of contemporary American literature is genre deconstruction. Just like Richard Pryor in the 1970s, writers are capaciously reimagining the relationships between content and form, form and form, and content and audience. They're looking for different ways to put different kinds of things in their work. In this seminar, we’re going to study recent writing that reimagine language and the textual objects we create to hold it. Authors include Michael Ondaatje, Richard Pryor, Claudia Rankine, Maggie Smith, and Sufjan Stevens among others.


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